U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council Inaugural Joint Statement

It modified into co-chaired via U.S. Secretary of state Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of commerce Gina Raimondo, U.S. change representative Katherine Tai, ecu price executive vp Margrethe Vestager, eu price government vp Valdis Dombrovskis. the usa and the european Union reaffirm the TTC’s objectives to: coordinate procedures to key global generation, monetary, and trade troubles; and to deepen transatlantic change and monetary relations, basing recommendations on shared democratic values.
We useful resource the continuing boom of the U.S.-eu technology, monetary and alternate dating and cooperation in addressing worldwide disturbing situations. We intend to collaborate to promote shared economic growth that blessings humans on every sides of the Atlantic, amplify the transatlantic trade and investment dating, fight the climate catastrophe, shield the environment, sell personnel’ rights, combat infant and compelled difficult artwork, expand resilient and sustainable supply chains, and increase cooperation on crucial and growing generation. We stand collectively in continuing to guard our companies, clients, and personnel from unfair change practices, particularly the ones posed through non-marketplace economies, which might be undermining the world shopping for and promoting device.
We percentage a strong choice to strain the digital transformation that spurs exchange and investment, advantages humans, protects the environment and climate, strengthens our technological and industrial control, gadgets excessive requirements globally, boosts innovation, and protects and promotes crucial and growing technology and infrastructure. We intend to cooperate at the improvement and deployment of new era in methods that supply a lift to our shared democratic values, such as apprehend for traditional human rights, expand our respective efforts to cope with the weather alternate disaster, and encourage well relevant necessities and pointers. We intend to cooperate to properly cope with the misuse of era, to guard our societies from facts manipulation and interference, promote at ease and sustainable global digital connectivity, and useful resource human rights defenders.
we are looking for inclusive financial growth that benefits all of our humans, and need to make a specific focus on inclusive boom for center elegance and reduce earnings humans on every factors of the Atlantic. We moreover have a particular hobby on possibilities for small and medium-sized agencies.
The cooperation and exchanges of the TTC are without prejudice to the regulatory autonomy of the us and the european Union and ought to respect the right crook systems in each jurisdictions. Cooperation within the TTC is supposed to feed into coordination in multilateral our our our bodies, consisting of within the WTO, and wider efforts with like-minded partners, with the cause of promoting democratic and sustainable fashions of digital and monetary governance.
to reinforce our cooperation, we diagnosed the following regions of joint paintings over the coming months, with the cause of wearing out concrete outcomes on the ones troubles by the time of our next meeting.
segment 2. Pittsburgh effects

As a demonstration of our shared self-discipline to make improvement on the goals of the TTC, the usa and ecu Union have recognized the following outcomes specifically regions, the statistics of which is probably further contemplated in Annexes I-V.
We endure in mind that our openness to overseas investment is essential for economic growth and innovation. We additionally face common traumatic conditions in addressing associated risks. We intend to maintain investment screening that lets in you to cope with dangers to national protection and, within the european Union, public order. We take into account that our investment screening regimes should be determined by using the use of the incredible enforcement mechanisms. furthermore, funding screening regimes want to be guided by the standards of nondiscrimination, transparency, predictability, proportionality, and obligation, as set forth in applicable OECD suggestions. We additionally intend to engage with partner worldwide places and stakeholders on funding screening.
We apprehend the importance of effective controls on trade in twin-use gadgets. We verify that a multilateral technique to export controls is terrific for defensive global protection and assisting a worldwide degree-gambling place. We study that the capability packages of rising generation in the safety and safety region enhance important issues, and apprehend the need to address the ones risks. we have decided shared thoughts and areas for export manipulate cooperation, collectively with in export control capability-building assist to 0.33 worldwide places, and recognize the significance, wherein appropriate and feasible, of preceding consultations to make certain that the software of export controls is obvious and equitable for U.S. and eu exporters.
the usa and european Union remember that artificial intelligence (AI) technology have the capability to keep significant advantages to our residents, societies and economies. AI generation can assist cope with many huge worrying situations that we’re managing, and they’ll be able to decorate the incredible of our lives. the us and eu Union renowned that AI technology yield effective advances however also can threaten our shared values and critical freedoms if they will be not superior and deployed responsibly or if they will be misused. the us and european Union verify their willingness and aim to growth and positioned into impact AI structures which is probably progressive and sincere and that understand common human rights and shared democratic values.
the us and eu Union reaffirm our self-discipline to building a partnership at the rebalancing of global deliver chains in semiconductors an excellent way to improving respective safety of supply further to their respective potential to layout and bring semiconductors, particularly, however no longer confined to, people with number one-factor abilties. This partnership should be balanced and of identical hobby for each aspects. We underline the significance of operating collectively to choose out gaps inside the semiconductor price chain, and strengthening our domestic semiconductor ecosystems.
With appreciate to worldwide exchange worrying situations, we intend to paintings intently collectively to cope with non-marketplace, exchange-distortive recommendations and practices, decorate the effectiveness of our respective domestic measures that deal with the ones regulations and practices, and find out techniques to fight the bad results of such guidelines and practices in 0.33 global locations. We moreover intend to paintings together to hold competitive, loose, and easy transatlantic alternate in new and rising technology, with the aid of warding off new and vain obstacles to change inside the ones technology, at the same time as constantly respecting the us’ and the european Union’s regulatory autonomy and selling openness and transparency. within the ones and different efforts, we intend to maintain a particular reputation on the use of and coordinating using our exchange coverage gear. We intention to shield personnel and difficult artwork rights, and combat pressured and infant tough work. We intend to deal with relevant change, weather, and environmental issues.
We famend the importance of and percent a electricity of mind to consulting cautiously with severa stakeholders on each factors of the Atlantic as we adopt our paintings within the TTC. robust engagement with employer commercial enterprise employer, concept leaders, difficult paintings businesses, non-earnings organizations, environmental constituencies, teachers, and extremely good stakeholders that shape the civil society at large is crucial to this paintings. We intend to at the least one after the other make to be had factors of touch, in which stakeholders may also moreover moreover located up their inputs, remarks and perspectives. moreover, normal exchanges with the stakeholders are to be organized through diverse channels, every at the amount of on foot organizations and political principals, in addition to through way of way of every of the respective activities or collectively. this is to inspire the transatlantic stakeholder network to offer commonplace proposals on the work pursued by means of way of manner of the TTC.
segment 3. destiny scope of exertions

the us and the ecu Union ask that every of the going for walks agencies set up under the TTC deliver earlier crucial artwork to enhance our relationship and cooperation. specially, we ask that the strolling corporations, via manner of our subsequent meeting, interest on the following:

strolling group 1 – generation necessities: The technology necessities strolling organization is tasked to increase methods for coordination and cooperation in important and rising era requirements together with AI and unique developing technology. america and ecu Union assist the improvement of technical requirements in line with our center values, and apprehend the importance of world standardisation sports underpinned thru middle WTO requirements. the us and eu Union intention to choose out out out possibilities for collaborative proactive movement and to shield our not unusual hobbies in global necessities sports sports for important and growing generation. As such, we plan to increase each formal and casual cooperation mechanisms to percentage information regarding technical proposals in precise technology areas and looking for opportunities to coordinate on global necessities sports sports activities. We live up for fostering participation in necessities organizations for civil society companies, startups, small and medium sized organizations in growing technology.

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